About us

It might sound odd that we rephrased the question as “Why” rather than “Who”. For us this is quite apt as we believe in our vision to declare itself rather than us. As a team, we are a set of energized group who have taken on the responsibility to cause a change in the world we live in – to setup technology driven solutions that help drive green business practices, a notion of developing and marketing products that can leapfrog us into a fully functional green economy. We are soliciting all people who share our vision, who hold such ideals, to share a platform with us by partnering as consumers, as marketeers and as agents of change.

Since this is our start ( January 2016 ), we dont have much to brag about, but we will keep you posted as we go along. 

We have a vision which we would like you to be a part

We want to create an ecosystem of making readily available products and solutions that promote advancement in technology, usability, lifetimes and green initiatives all this while getting you on board as partners to our vision. 
We would like all of you to be stakeholders in our vision to drive this change. 

Co-founder and CEO